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Varicose Vein Surgery Candidate?


Who is a Varicose Vein Surgery Candidate?

Do you have swelling, heaviness, engorged purple veins that are unsightly, or cramping in your legs?  As a result have you had problems with skin infections, leg ulcers, poor wound healing, or drainage from your legs?

These are some of the more common problems that many individuals with varicose veins suffer with on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be great to finally be rid of your varicose veins and all of their complications? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should know that there are procedures that can be performed on varicose veins to eliminate the varicose veins and the symptoms associated.

The more common procedures are sclerotherapy, endovascular laser therapy (EVLT), and vein stripping surgery.  

Is it the right time for surgery?

It is first important to decide when the right time is to consider varicose vein surgery. There are many reasons that you may decide to pursue further surgical treatment options, which is detailed below.  If you agree with any or all of these statements, you have chosen the right time to consider further treatment options.

Reasons to get varicose vein surgery:

  1. Daily symptoms of swelling, throbbing, or cramping. 
  2. Secondary complications, like infections, weeping skin, hardened or discolored skin, or wounds or ulcers that do not heal well. 
  3.  Inability to participate in normal daily activities or leisure activities without managing pain.  This could be even cleaning the home, yard work, and difficulty at work. 
  4. Unsightly veins that are always covered and the embarrassment with how your legs look. 
  5. Failure of home treatments, such as weight loss, compression hose, elevation, avoidance of heat, exercises, stretching. 

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You May Not be a Candidate if...

After deciding that now is the right time to consider varicose vein surgery, there are certain medical problems that may prevent the ability to have a varicose vein surgery.  Some of these may be temporary and you may be able to consider varicose vein surgery in the future. 

1. Mobility Issues

  • If you are wheelchair or bed bound and are unable to walk, you would not be a candidate, as part of the recovery process requires walking. 

2. Pregnancy

  • Procedures are not performed on pregnant women, but may be considered after delivery if the varicose veins and symptoms persist after pregnancy.

3. Blood Clots

  • A current blood clot in your deep venous system will prevent varicose vein surgery in most cases, but may also depend upon where the clot is located if the procedure can be performed.

4. Use of Certain Medications

  • Any use of medications used to thin the blood which can include Apixiban, Coumadin, Warfarin, Lovenox, Xarelto, and Eliquis, for conditions such as prior stroke, blood clots, atrial fibrillation, Factor V Leiden,  or pulmonary embolism.  These medications increase bleeding during the procedure.  

5. Arterial Disease

  • If you also suffer with arterial disease in your legs that leads to poor pulses. 

6. Unable to Follow Post-Op Instructions

  • If you will be unable to follow the post-op recovery and instructions. 

Find out if you are a candidate for Varicose Vein Surgery

Varicose vein surgery may be a good option for you to finally seek the relief from the daily pain, struggles, and appearance of your varicose veins.  Speak with your doctor about the options available and what procedure might be best for your treatment and recovery.  

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