Vascular Surgeon in Tampa, FL

A vascular surgeon is a speciality of medicine that focuses on the flow of blood through the body. In summary,  Vascular Surgeons manage any disease or trauma that affects the circulatory system, which is anything to do with the arteries, veins, or lymph vessels. Vascular surgeons can find a particular niche, such as arterial surgery or vein diseases, such as you may find working in a vein clinic. 

Dr. Edward Mackay in a board certified vascular surgeon that has been treating patients in the Tampa, Florida area for over 20 years. Dr. Mackay specializes in the treatment of stage 1,2&3 of vascular disease which includes spider veins, varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis. To learn more about Dr. Mackay click here.

Education & Certifications for Vascular Surgeons

Vascular surgeons undergo extensive education and training to have the proper technique and skills to diagnose and treat disease within the circulatory system.

  • All surgeons attend medical school, which is 4 years in duration. 
  • After completion of medical school, the next step is a residency in general surgery, which is 5 years long.
  • For further training in vascular procedures, most vascular surgeons attend a post-residency program called a fellowship. It is during the fellowship that vascular surgeons get more hands on training with direct treatment of the arteries and veins.
  • Besides just being able to perform surgery and procedures, vascular surgeons area also adept at utilizing ultrasound and doppler imaging to view the arteries and veins for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Board Certified Vascular Surgeons maintain an active certificate and membership with the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine 

Types of Procedures by Vascular Surgeons

Even though varicose veins may be the only type of procedure you think of when you hear a vascular surgeon, there are many types of procedures that are performed. These procedures range from open surgical procedures to minimally invasive cosmetic treatments. 

In-Clinic Vascular Surgery

Not all of the minimally invasive procedures are performed in the clinic, but some are still performed in the operating room. Varicose vein procedures may be the most well known, such as vein stripping, endovascular vein therapy, and sclerotherapy. 

Hospital Vascular Surgery

Some of the other common procedures are placing stents within arteries, such as the carotid artery (found in the neck), repair of aortic abdominal aneurysms (found in the stomach), placing access for dialysis (typically on the arm), and bypass surgeries for peripheral artery disease, most commonly in the femoral artery in the leg.

In-Clinic or Hospital?

Based on the type of procedure and what equipment the vascular surgeon has in the clinic, will dictate if procedures are performed in the clinic or in the hospital setting. 

How to Choose a Vascular Surgeon

There are multiple different clinics that may advertise the ability to perform vascular procedures, such as those treating varicose veins. It is important to know that there are other physicians that are able to perform these procedures that are not vascular surgeons. Some physicians have training from conferences to do these procedures, however they do not have the extensive training that the vascular surgeons have when diagnosing and treating vein diseases.

Keep in mind that any private clinic may advertise the ability to perform vein procedures, but within hospital settings, there are much more extensive processes to ensure that vascular surgeons have been properly trained to perform procedures. The hospital verification process "getting credentialed" does not occur in regular clinic settings which leads to physicians of any specialty performing vascular procedures instead of just vascular surgeons.

Be sure to verify the doctor's training when getting vein surgery and search to see if they are board certified here: American Board of Surgery. View the American Board of Surgery Certificate for Dr. Edward Mackay here:

If you’re interested in certain vascular studies or procedures that address vein or artery problems, then look specifically for a vascular surgeon or receive a referral to a vascular surgeon and learn about the options for treatment. 

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