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Can Spider Veins Return After Treatment?

By Dr. Edward Mackay

February 26, 2020

Can Spider Veins Return After Treatment?

If you are embarrassed or concerned about the appearance of your spider veins, there are treatments available to remove them, but are these treatments successful and will the spider veins return? The spider veins that are treated won’t return, but the body is constantly forming new blood vessels with healing, so new spider veins are likely to show up on the skin surface. 

"Spider veins can return after treatment in the same area, but these are new spider veins, not the old ones." - Dr. Edward Mackay
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Can you Prevent Spider Veins?

You can blame spider veins on your genetics and hereditary health aspects. There is no miracle cream, medicine, or treatment to prevent future spider veins. The best thing to do to reduce the potential of developing spider veins is to exercise regularly, especially moving the legs, eat a healthy diet that is balanced with plenty of fresh food, and maintain a normal, healthy body weight. All of these may help to stave off the return of spider veins, but ultimately it is still possible to get more spider veins, but it could be many years before they are noticed. 

Watch the video below for more on the causes of spider veins.

Treatment Options for Spider Veins

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a treatment that uses a laser with heat that is applied directly to the skin surface. The laser attacks the pigment in the skin with heat, breaking up the pigment particles, and allowing the body to absorb these pigment particles. This type of procedure is painful with heat being applied directly to the skin. The other disadvantage is it takes longer to treat a small area and anyone with darker skin may notice white spots or a lightening of their skin at the treatment site. 


Sclerotherapy is a spider vein treatment that inserts a chemical directly into the damaged veins. This sclerotherapy injection causes a reaction allowing the vein to scar. The body then absorbs the damaged vein. There are advantages for the use of sclerotherapy over laser therapy in that less time is needed to treat the spider veins and there is virtually no pain associated with treatment. 

With the advantages to sclerotherapy over laser therapy and the results achieved, sclerotherapy is considered the best treatment for spider veins.  

Video: Spider Veins Treatment at Dr. Mackay Vein Specialist in Tampa Bay, Florida

Learn about spider vein treatment in this video by Tampa Bay's "Morning Blend" new show.

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Are Spider Vein Treatments Successful?

Treatment for spider veins is readily available and has become more common over the last several years. The treatments are successful, but may require more than a single session for optimal results. Spider veins usually completely disappear or fade to the point that they are not noticeable.

Despite the fact that new spider veins can appear, even after successful spider vein treatment, it is unknown how many or when this could occur. Don’t let recurrence of spider veins stop you from having those flawless skin that you have always wanted!

Video: Spider Veins Prevention

Learn what you can do to help prevent spider veins.

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