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How to Select a Varicose Vein Surgeon


How to Choose a Varicose Vein Surgeon

After deciding to look into procedural or surgical options to treat your varicose veins, the most important second step is to find a board certified doctor that is able to complete different types of procedures to treat varicose veins.

This can seem like a daunting process, but with a little information on your side, you will be able to safely navigate through online material and research to make an informed decision on your varicose vein treatment & care.  

Not all varicose vein clinics are created equal. There are plenty of clinics that are scams, by doing inappropriate or incomplete procedures that could cause further harm down the road. Spotting these types of clinics and doctors is critical.

The following information will help you to find information on doctors, avoid a scam clinic, and make a knowledgeable decision on the best physician to treat your varicose veins.
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Top 5 Tips when Selecting a Surgeon

1. Ask Around & Get a Referral

Talk with friends, neighbors, or family members that have had varicose vein procedures and talk to your primary care to find names of doctors or clinics.  If you have trouble finding doctors from asking others, you may also search online for clinics in your area.

2. Look for board certification

Doctors that are board certified have specialties in general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, vascular surgery, interventional cardiology, and interventional radiology.  

These doctors completed special residency training and passed examinations in the treatment of varicose veins, which makes them board certified with the American Board of Medical Specialists, or ABMS.  It is important to know that any doctor can treat varicose veins, even without board certification, but to ensure the best and safest treatment, this should be done by a board certified doctor. 

3. Perform online research:  

  • Look at the clinic or doctor’s website for information on their training and the services that are offered.  There should be detailed information on the types of treatments and there should be several treatments that are offered.
  • Search the doctor’s name to read information about prior malpractice, lawsuits, overall ability, training, and how long they have been in practice.    
  • Use other sites to read reviews from real patients, such as healthgrades and google, for opinions from previous patients on their experience and overall care. 

4. Schedule a Consultation & Get a Feel for the Surgeon

After receiving names of doctors and doing an online search of credentials, procedures offered, and reading reviews, it is now time to schedule a consultation with your first choice from your research.  

  • How do you feel after your visit?  Do you feel comfortable and confident in the doctor?
  • Did you feel rushed?  
  • Was the facility clean, organized, and appear well stocked with supplies and equipment?
  • Were all of your questions answered?

5. Schedule a second opinion

Even if you had a great experience with the first doctor and feel comfortable with your visit and having a procedure, it is always a good idea to see if a different doctor recommends the same or different treatments and how you feel at that visit.  This is a big decision and there is nothing wrong with consulting with several doctors to ensure you have found the right fit.

Protect Yourself & Research the Surgeon

Although you may be ready to have a consultation to fix your varicose veins, taking a little more time to go through these steps may save you time, money, and perhaps further damage or complications by finding a doctor with the appropriate credentials with best interest in mind. 

To learn more about varicose vein prevention, contact Dr. Mackay at 1-727-261-0047 or fill out an appointment request form.

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