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Spider Veins Prevention

By Dr. Edward Mackay

July 12, 2019

Spider Veins Prevention

Learn how to prevent spider veins with helpful tips by Dr. Mackay.

Spider veins are a condition of weakened veins that are close to the skin surface and appear on the skin as red to violet stringy veins, much like spider legs, hence the name. Although this is mainly a cosmetic condition, some people may suffer from swelling, cramping, heaviness, and pain from spider veins.

It is not known who may be affected by spider veins, but depending on age, sex, genetics, weight, and type of lifestyle, these may all increase the chance for having spider veins.

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Helpful tips on how to prevent spider veins

The first way to try and prevent spider veins is by reducing the risk for being affected by spider veins.

  1. Walk, change positions, and/or perform calf exercises if you work a job that requires you to sit or stand in one place. These simple maneuvers will help the blood to be pumped out of the legs. Try to perform these at least once an hour. 
  2. Being overweight or obese places excess stress and pressure on the veins in the legs. Focus on weight loss by modifying your diet and adding an exercise routine to reduce the pressure on the legs veins. 

Of course, changing gender, age, and genetics are impossible, so focus on things that you can change.

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What else can be done to prevent spider veins?

If you have modified all that you can in terms of risks, there are still several other ways to try to prevent spider veins.

  • Exercise:  This allows for muscle contraction to squeeze the veins and move blood out of the legs and toward the heart. Try exercises that work the legs muscles, such as walking, running, biking, and swimming. 

  • Elevation: After a long day and in the evening, lay down and raise your legs, above the level of your heart, to facilitate the movement of blood, with gravity, out of the legs. 

  • Wardrobe:  Dress in the name of comfort and prevention of spider veins instead of fashion. High heels reduce the amount of calf muscle contraction and can reduce circulation in the legs. Clothing that is too tight may impede blood flow in the legs. Try to wear loose fitting clothing and flat shoes for the best outfit to prevent spider veins. 

  • Sunscreen: Although this doesn’t seem to fit with the other preventative measures, the sun can cause sun damage to the skin, which causes thinning of the skin. Thin skin more easily shows the discoloration of spider veins, so protect your skin to prevent spider veins from being as noticeable.

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When should you consider spider veins treatment?

Many people may already battle with spider veins, but these measures may still be used to prevent further spider veins. If your legs are unsightly, or you notice symptoms from your spider veins, it may be time to consider what therapies, procedures, or treatments are available to treat your spider veins once and for all.

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