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How to Remove Varicose Veins


How to Remove Varicose Veins

Surgical & Non-Surgical Treatments

There are a range of treatments and techniques for eliminating varicose veins that range from conservative treatments such as raising the legs to decrease swelling, to more invasive ones like sclerotherapy. Dr. Mackay provides clients at his Tampa offices a range of varicose vein treatments as one of the most experience and top rated venous surgeons in the world.

Dr. Mackay is knowledgeable in the examination and treatment of vein issues and will have the ability to offer you with all of the details you will need relating to treatment and treatment is specific to your condition and needs.


A needle is guided into the affected vein to inject a liquid or foam medication. The medication scars the vein from the inside out, thus closing it. Blood that would typically go back to the heart through these veins but instead utilizes different, much healthier veins. The body will naturally take in the cured vein.

Compression stockings

These are flexible stockings that squeeze the veins, stopping the unusual flow of blood back toward the foot. The stockings can alleviate symptoms and assist recover skin sores and prevent them from returning. Some clients are needed to use the compression stockings for life as a method to manage symptoms, although they do not cure the hidden problems. Learn more about non-surgical conservative varicose vein treatments.

How to Prevent or Delay Varicose Veins

Vein ablation

Within the last 10 to 15 years, vein ablation has ended up being a popular replacement for standard getting rid of varicose veins. During ablation, a thin, versatile tube is placed into a vein in the leg. Tiny electrodes (a strong electrical conductor through which an electric present leaves or goes into) at the pointer of the catheter heat the walls of the vein, and eventually ruin it.

There are three kinds of ablation strategies:

  1. Laser
  2. Foam
  3. Radio-frequency

1. Laser Ablation

It's used mostly for smaller sized varicose veins. It utilizes high powered electro-magnetic radiation to heat one specific little area of our skin and damage the underlying spider vein.

2. Foam Ablation

Utilizing a needle to push a drug (which is mixed with air) into the vein can quickly aggravate, burn and scar the within the saphenous vein without cutting the skin-- stopping the backwards circulation of blood in the vein. Ultrasound is used to direct where the drug enters the vein. This technique is an office-based procedure. Patients like this method since it it's minimally-invasive.

3. Radiofrequency Ablation

Making use of a radiofrequency catheter can each be used to produce heat which then embolisms and eventually scars the saphenous vein from within. Each gadget is inserted into the saphenous vein of the knee. A wire is passed up the vein to the level of the groin, followed by an unique wire like device which will provide the heat.

Using ultrasound imaging, the proper position of the treatment catheter is validated. A generous quantity of water down numbing medication (anesthetic) service is then injected by needle around the area of the saphenous vein. This provides for comfort relief and serves as an insulator so that surrounding fat and skin are not burned.

The heat produced produces a clotting and scarring of the saphenous vein from the level of the groin to the knee as the catheter is pulled back and eventually out. The heat damages the inner lining of the vein (endothelium) and causes scarring of the vein lining, closing the vein so that blood can not stream.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

When big varicose veins located simply beneath the surface of the skin requirement to be physically removed, this strategy is utilized. Utilizing only small cuts, the veins are gotten rid of utilizing little surgical instruments. The vascular surgeon utilizes a little hook to physically get rid of the afflicted vein or cluster of veins through the incision.

Endoscopic Vein Surgery

This treatment uses a small electronic camera on a small tube. Dr. Mackay threads it into your vein through a small incision in the skin. He utilizes a surgical instrument at the end of the tube to close the varicose vein. After treatment most patients return to normal living within a couple of weeks.


Microsclerotherapy is similar to sclerotherapy because it's the very same treatment, but just uses a smaller needle to deal with smaller sized veins. Microsclerotherapy is the strategy used to deal with spider veins or thread veins of the legs. It is a fairly straightforward procedure which includes injecting a liquid into the veins which destroys them, then triggers them to vanish with time.

Vein Stripping

In the past, this was the standard treatment of choice that included basic anesthesia so that you will not be awake throughout the procedure. Vein stripping is the conventional surgical treatment for venous insufficiency of the saphenous vein and involves 2 primary goals, consisting of removing backward blood flow (reflux) in the saphenous vein and its tributaries, and eliminating unsightly and protruding varicose veins through small incisions. Dr. Mackay will make incisions in the skin and remove the veins.

Small separate skin cuts (incisions) over the locations of abnormal vein dilation are made along the thigh or calf for removal of branch varicose veins that were not connected to the primary trunk of the saphenous vein or where not removed at the time of stripping. If possible, though, the doctor will attempt to leave the saphenous vein in case you may need it later on for a bypass heart surgery.

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