September 15


Do Compression Stockings Prevent Veins From Coming Out?

By Dr. Edward Mackay

September 15, 2020

Are you in search of a way to prevent varicose veins? Compression stockings could be the end of your search. Varicose veins form from malfunctioning of the one way valves in the veins.

The valves are to prevent backflow of blood and push blood toward the heart, but when they malfunction, it causes blood to accumulate, extending the vein wall, increasing the pressure in the vein, and inability for blood to flow properly. The excess blood in the veins and increased pressure causes leg cramping, engorged veins, and tired legs. 

"Compression stockings can help to prevent the blood from pooling in the lower legs, therefore helping to prevent the appearance of the leg vein coming out." - Dr. Edward Mackay
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How Compressions Stockings Work

It should be no surprise that compression stockings are commonly used to treat varicose veins and symptoms that accompany varicose veins and they are also used after recovery from varicose vein procedures, but they can also be used to reduce the chance for developing varicose veins.

They work by squeezing the leg to reduce the pressure in the veins, which in turn improves blood flow. Compression stockings can help with the fatigue in your legs when you wear them throughout the day. Keep in mind that if you have risk factors such as being over weight or obese, family members with varicose veins, you are pregnant, you are a woman, or you perform tasks at work in static positions, that compression stockings may be of best benefit for you.

This doesn’t mean they will completely prevent varicose veins, but they may improve circulation, discomfort, and stave off varicose veins for a period of time. 

Video: Understanding Compression Stockings

Dr. Mackay describes when, why and how compression stockings are used to prevent or treat varicose veins from coming out.

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Types of Compression Stockings

There are many different types of compression stockings available, from length (thigh high or knee high) to the amount of compression. Most over the counter compression stockings have less pressure than those that are prescribed.

  1. Length
  2. Amount of Compression 

Anyone can purchase compression stockings and it is always best to start with a lower pressure and move to a higher pressure, unless instructed otherwise by your physician or a prescription was given for higher compression stockings. It can be difficult to get used to the tightness in compression stockings, but once you notice the support and reduction in fatigue, they will be a mainstay for your daily wardrobe. 

Find out if Stockings are Right for You

Visit with a vascular surgeon for a full leg vein evaluation to determine any underlying disease, the risk that you may have to develop varicose veins, the positive benefits for the use of compression, and the compression pressure that is right for you.

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